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TBTF for 1995-04-13: Coat-trailing the cyberspooks

Keith Dawson (dawson@atria.com)
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 15:46:12 -0400

1999-11-25, 11:44 pm EST (-0400)
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[A bit of net.lore, wherein cypherpunks hack emacs to tweak the NSA...
I received the following on the Desperado list. It was was pulled off
the CMU bboards. The originator seems to be one Steve Strassman, who
may or may not have founded the unix-haters Usenet group.]

It seems a little joke of mine backfired. My brother pilots F-15s
from Kadena AFB on Okinawa. A net.fledgling, he recently got himself
a perch at his local .mil site, whence he launches training sorties
into cyberspace.

In a message I emailed him last month, I used spook.el to embed a wad
of cloak and gibberish terrorist Marxist FSF North Korea security
South Africa nuclear DES Semtex KGB FBI Noriega colonel NSA SEAL Team
6 nuclear Ortega PLO supercomputer Treasury terrorist assassination
Semtex [Hello to all my fans in domestic surveillance] Serbian
fissionable FBI spy arrangements Kennedy Noriega cracking Nazi
Ft. Meade Marxist Waco, Texas cryptographic genetic Cocaine jihad with
explanation appended:

PS: There lurks, according to net.lore, an insidious
software presence on the net known as the NSA Line
Sniffer, which monitors internet traffic for threats to
national security. The predictable cyberpunk reaction:
marble *every* message with keywords likely to tweak the
nose of the mythological beast. In service of such
cybernoia, the gnu-emacs editor helpfully provides a
Sniffer-bait generator, with which I composed that
strange paragraph. (If the frumious Sniffer snatches
this bit o' bandwidth, I'll be glad to testify at your
court martial :-)

Well! On military machines serving foreign bases, at least, "M-x
spook" can really myth off the Sniffer. My brother was locked out of
his account when he attempted to read my message. As he put it, when
he was finally able to reply this week,

You and I may find it funny, but there's a whole
squadron of geeks paid to NOT laugh. I lost the ability
to send you ANY mail for about two weeks. Each time I
tried sending, I got a "SECURITY BLOCK" message."

Caveat sendor!

And, in conclusion, let me CIA plutonium Peking DES kibo Panama NSA
PLO domestic disruption radar Khaddafi supercomputer BATF North Korea
Serbian just state that our great country will never be truly free
until Nazi genetic Ft. Meade Rule Psix kibo South Africa nuclear plutonium
Clinton North Korea Honduras cryptographic colonel Kennedy Ft. Bragg
plutonium North Korea FBI Delta Force radar Khaddafi bomb Mossad
Marxist strategic AK-47 Clinton terrorist colonel Uzi .....

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