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TBTF for 1995-04-22: Rising paper costs; counterattacking SATAN

Keith Dawson (dawson dot tbtf at gmail dot com)
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 15:06:05 -0400

>>From Seybold Digital Media Perspective:

[Re: why paper costs are rising... 30% since last fall.]

...So, paper companies are looking at the situation and saying, "This
has always been a cyclical business. Now, on top of this we have
continuing environmental woes and a general consensus that
significant chunks of our market will be moving away from paper. Why
should we invest in a new paper mill?"

In essence, the fear of electronic media is causing paper companies
not to invest in new capacity. This, in turn, will insure that the
cost of paper continues to rise which will, of course, push
publishers into electronic publishing and away from paper. The fear
creates its own reality.

>>From Edupage:

After a week of free availability on the Internet, dire predictions about
rampant network security breaches prompted by SATAN (System Administrator
Tool for Analyzing Networks) have proven unfounded. But now a new threat
is posed by a flaw in the software that in rare cases can open a network up
to outsiders. The Computer Emergency Response Team at Carnegie Mellon
issued an advisory April 10, stating that when SATAN is run with certain
Web browsers (including Lynx and Netscape but not Mosaic) on a LAN or WAN,
the SATAN host could be vulnerable to intrusion from another Web site.
SATAN's co-author, Dan Farmer, has posted a new version that provides
pointers on how to avoid this particular problem.
<http://www.cs.ruu.nl/cert-uu/satan.html> (Information Week 1995-04-24 p.22)

[The biter bit.]

Power Computing Corp. plans to start shipping its Macintosh clones May 1
and will produce 10,000 to 15,000 a month by July. The company's goal is
to churn out 100,000 machines in the next 12 months, including a low cost
(below $1,000) model it plans to add in July. Along with other cloners
Radius Inc., DayStar Digital Inc. and Pioneer, it's expected that there
will be 280,000 Mac clones shipped this year, according to a Mac market
analyst. (Business Week 1995-04-24 p.132)

The IBM Global Network is expanding this year from 177 to 450 gateways to
the Internet, with local access points in 40 countries. The network
currently has about 25,000 business customers. (Financial Times 1995-04-18

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