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TBTF for 1995-05-04: Privacy fallout from a bombing; HP does it right

Keith Dawson (dawson dot tbtf at gmail dot com)
Thu, 4 May 1995 08:14:47 -0400

>>From Edupage:

In the wake of the bombing in Oklahoma City, expect to see quick passage of
FBI Director Louis Freeh's request for a $500 million appropriation in
conjunction with the digital telephony bill. Also, privacy concerns over
caller ID services and measures such as the Exxon amendment likely will be
brushed aside, and Internet surveillance will be stepped up. Finally,
spectrum-dependent security and alarm services will be in greater demand,
putting pressure on the FCC to come up with rules that give these
frequencies greater interference protection. (Telecommunications Policy
Review 1995-04-23 p.4)

[Privacy? We don't need no stinking privacy...]

Hewlett-Packard says it has discovered chip flaws that may affect HP 9000
systems shipped since last October or November. The flaws could cause
computer crashes or corruption of data, and the company will provide free
replacements for the faulty chips. Customers can call 1-800-500-1176 for
help. (Wall Street Journal 1995-04-27 B5)

[How to do it right. Intel, did you notice that HP broke the news, not a
disgruntled customer?]

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