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TBTF for 1995-06-16: Outsourcing Internet access; consolidating suppliers

Keith Dawson (dawson dot tbtf at gmail dot com)
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 14:11:06 -0400

>>From Edupage:

Greater demand for online time by students and faculty is threatening to
overwhelm some colleges and universities, and a few have responded by
shifting their computer activities to local Internet access providers to
ease the crunch. "Our faculty, staff and students are champing at the bit
to Web-surf from home and can't understand how local Internet service
providers can do what we can't," says a University of Tulsa client-support
manager. Although campuses are moving to upgrade their telecommunications
infrastructure to accommodate the increased use, they fear that the
improvements will prompt even more demand. (Chronicle of Higher Education
1995-06-16 A20)

[A lesson Robert Moses learned in upgrading New York's infrastructure:
build a network of good roads and the demand for roads will saturate
the new capacity as soon as it goes online.]

>>From The Meta Group:

We expect the recently increasing consolidation around Internet
access services provides (ISPs) and VANs to accelerate as access
providers continue to acquire assets to achieve national coverage, and
VANs leverage their networks and support for business-to-business
applications (e.g., Notes, Drums). The challenge is to create an
interenterprise level of access infrastructure with guaranteed levels
of service, security, et al. We expect UUNET, Bolt Beranek & Newman
(BBN), and PSI (already in acquisition mode) will be key players in
this arena. Smaller players will be acquired by ISPs, or by a VAN.
Bottom Line: For users seeking broad-based Internet services - both
interenterprise and ultimately intraenterprise - only the larger
access carriers and VANs will fit the bill.

[Message reinforced by PSI's recent acquisition of Intercon and Software
Ventures, following on the heels of AOL's purchase of GNN and WebCrawler.]

[And finally, a bit of fun that I found irresistible.]

>>From Mike Morton <anagram!mike at uunet dot uu dot net>

Top Ten Anagrams for "Information Superhighway"
10. Enormous, hairy pig with fan
9. Hey, ignoramus -- win profit? Ha!
8. Oh-oh, wiring snafu: empty air
7. When forming, utopia's hairy
6. A rough whimper of insanity
5. Oh, wormy infuriating phase
4. Inspire humanity, who go far
3. Waiting for any promise, huh?
2. Hi-ho! Yow! I'm surfing Arpanet!

And the number one anagram for "Information Superhighway":

1. New utopia? Horrifying sham

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