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11:37:06 AM
  • updated A legacy of the Red Menace. On a private mailing list I follow, a usually reliable correspondent wrote just now:

    So, watching CNBC last night, the reporter threw up a chart listing the Bush campaign's main political positions for improving America's defense. High on the list was the active suppression of rouge nations.

    Ya know, it's not the rouge that bothers me -- it's all that blue eyeshadow.

    Now I suppose the press will report that the gaffe gave the Bush campaign a black eye, not to mention a red face.

    here Note added 4:33 pm: CNBC is not alone. TBTF Irregular Chuck Bury thought to run a little unscientific poll courtesy of Google. The results show that 1.4% of the indexed Web can't spell "rogue."

      rogue states: 21,500
      rogue nations: 8.370
      rouge states:    199
      rouge nations:   121

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