Lloyd Wood's Jaundiced Eye: Index

Lloyd Wood's column is a new feature on the TBTF site. His name may not be familiar to most TBTF readers, save that segment who follow the development of space-based communications satellites; Lloyd's satellite pages are justly celebrated. His writing is precise and his viewpoint is acerbic. TBTF is pleased to host Lloyd's essays on the people and trends of the digital age.

  • Lloyd Wood's Jaundiced Eye: #3 -- Stallman Impressions. Wood takes a long-overdue look at Richard Stallman's presentation last year to the London Unix User Group meeting.

  • Lloyd Wood's Jaundiced Eye: #2 -- Notes on Norman. Human interface god and former Apple Fellow Don Norman lectures in Surrey, 22 March 1999

  • Lloyd Wood's Jaundiced Eye: #1 -- An Evening with Eric Raymond. Eric Raymond holds the London Unix User Group meeting in thrall, 20 January 1999

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