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Tripod's Design-a-Cyber-Business site

December 14, 1996

The Tripod site's Toybox is a delightful way to while away your time. One of its diversions is a generator for new cyber-businesses: the site will invent a company name for you, offer a logo, and write a suitably buzzword-laden business plan.

The names of the suggested cyber-businesses are generated in a "choose one from column A and one from column B" fashion. As best I can figure, Column A and Column B each contain 13 name fragments. Below are the graphics out of which you construct logos for the resulting 169 potential new businesses. The Bizplan site went online some time ago (there isn't even a link to it from the Toybox page now, though there was yesterday). At this writing 103 of the corresponding domain names are already in use. Wonder how many of them used the Tripod Business Plan site to get started? The 66 available names are shown at the bottom of this page.

The graphics below are all © 1996 by Tripod.

Column A Column B   Column A Column B
biz associates   net insight
cyber connect   secure net
e cube   tele pod
hot factory   tri scape
inter fx   virtual soft
i guard   web dotcom
java highway      

Domain names still available (66)

    bizassociates.com     bizconnect.com       bizcube.com          bizfx.com
    bizguard.com          bizpod.com           cyberassociates.com  eassociates.com
    einsight.com          hotassociates.com    hotconnect.com       hotcube.com
    hotfactory.com        hotfx.com            hotguard.com         hothighway.com
    hotinsight.com        hotpod.com           hotscape.com         hotsoft.com
    iassociates.com       iinsight.com         interassociates.com  intercube.com
    interfactory.com      interhighway.com     interinsight.com     interpod.com
    ipod.com              javaassociates.com   javaconnect.com      javacube.com
    javafx.com            javaguard.com        javahighway.com      javainsight.com
    javapod.com           secureassociates.com secureconnect.com    securecube.com
    securefactory.com     securefx.com         securehighway.com    secureinsight.com
    securepod.com         securesoft.com       teleassociates.com   telecube.com
    telefactory.com       telefx.com           telehighway.com      teleinsight.com
    telepod.com           triassociates.com    tricube.com          trifactory.com
    trifx.com             triguard.com         trihighway.com       triinsight.com
    virtualassociates.com virtualcube.com      virtualguard.com     virtualinsight.com
    virtualpod.com        webpod.com

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