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Week of 2001-07-29

Sunday, 2001-07-29

  • An Echelon BOTEC   7:41:12 pm

    Ever wondered what percentage of the world's telephone traffic the NSA could intercept?

Week of 2001-07-22

Wednesday, 2001-07-25

Week of 2001-07-15

Friday, 2001-07-20

Wednesday, 2001-07-18

  • Make A Shorter Link   8:29:31 am

    This new free service makes short work of URLs hundreds or thousands of characters long.

Week of 2001-07-01

Sunday, 2001-07-01

  • NSI blocking domain name transfers?   12:29:54 pm

    A stealthy policy change may have resulted in thousands of domains remaining with NSI after their owners had requested a transfer to another registrar.

Month of June, 2001

Sunday, 2001-06-24

  • A new Siliconium   8:31:21 pm

    Other regions may not feel as much like emulating Silicon Valley as they once did. Here's a Siliconium for these dot-doom-and-gloom times.

Wednesday, 2001-06-06

  • The StinkyFlowerCam   10:59:49 am

    The worlds largest and smelliest flower is blooming now -- a rare event -- and its minders have set up a Web cam for it.

Tuesday, 2001-06-05

  • Jargon Scout: ex-post hoaxo   11:12:14 am

    A new twist in social engineering is the release of a real virus in the aftermath of a hoax.

Friday, 2001-06-01

  • Directing the strokes of Ockham's razor   7:08:48 pm

    A physicist rises to my troll on a private mailing list and produces the most cogent essay you're likely to read about the current state of professional thinking on quantum reality.

Week of 2001-04-22

Wednesday, 2001-04-25

Week of 2001-04-15

Monday, 2001-04-16

  • updated Numerologists take note   5:06:31 pm You could probably discover these Unix factoids by decoding the second billion digits of pi.

  • Mailexpire returns   12:38:54 pm The original dispenser of temporary anti-spam email addresses is back, but imitators have cropped up in the interim.

Sunday, 2001-04-15

Week of 2001-03-25

Sunday, 2001-03-25

  • updated UnBlinking: Getting Drilled in a Pristine Area   8:35:58 pm TBTF columnist and uber-researcher Gary Stock turns an unblinking eye on the question of the firing of Ian Thomas, the contractor who posted on a US government Web site wildlife maps of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge in which the Bush administration is determined to drill for oil.

    here Updated 2001-03-29, 10:55 am: Gary has added a thorough second section to the article, exploring the Web-mediated can of worms the USGS opened by the simple act of firing one scientist.

Week of 2001-03-18

Tuesday, 2001-03-20

  • How meta is it?   10:21:55 pm Disturbing Search Requests is the strangest site you'll visit all week. Just ask Meg.

Week of 2001-03-11

Friday, 2001-03-16

Week of 2001-03-04

Wednesday, 2001-03-09

  • Earthquake art   4:43:06 pm
    Here's one instance in which an earthquake resulted in a net decrease in entropy.

Wednesday, 2001-03-07

Week of 2001-02-25

Monday, 2001-02-27

Monday, 2001-02-26

  • updated A Bell goes south   5:37:54 pm
    Bellsouth.net's Web email has a gaping new security hole. Perhaps they'll fix it now.

Sunday, 2001-02-25

  • Let UnBlinking open your eyes   12:34:32 pm
    TBTF's newest columnist is Gary Stock, in his first essay titled Why the FBI heartthe Internet, discovers some corners of an FBI spy's Net presence not yet reported elsewhere.

Week of 2001-02-18

Thursday, 2001-02-22
  • Wireless ISP warned   7:34:57 pm
    A nationwide ISP, operating 802.11b equipment on unlicensed spectrum, was warned to stop interfering with a licensed user of that band.

Monday, 2001-02-19

Monday (cont.)

Week of 2001-02-11

Thursday, 2001-02-15

Wednesday, 2001-02-14

Week of 2001-02-04

Friday, 2001-02-09

Monday, 2001-02-05

Week of 2001-01-28

Friday, 2001-02-02

Thursday, 2001-02-01

Tuesday, 2001-01-30

Monday, 2001-01-29

  • Leasing rights to your life   11:02:10 pm
    You didn't imagine you actually owned that domain name, did you? Silly boy.

  • updated Bad BIND bugs   8:54:05 pm
    CERT reports recently discovered, serious vulnerabilities in what may be the most widely deployed of Net server software.

  • updated Unnatural acts   10:03:11 am
    This is what happens when protocol layering moves beyond baroque and slips into rococo.

Sunday, 2001-01-28

  • In real time   7:10:19 pm
    A curiously satisfying collection of real-time data about the earth, its environs, and its neighbors.

Week of 2001-01-21

Tuesday, 2001-01-23
  • Eeevil   9:30:18 am
    Open Source advocates have long had a home on the Net. Now the evil geniuses bent on world domination have one, too.

Week of 2001-01-14

Friday, 2001-01-19

Thursday, 2001-01-18

  • Time to dump NSI   9:17:32 am
    Dotster is offering free domain-name transfers and a one-year extension for $11.95. Run don't walk.

Thursday (cont.)
  • Underground online   7:30:39 am
    By now everyone knows that the text of Underground: Hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier is available online. Here are some mirror sites you can actually reach.

Wednesday, 2001-01-17

  • How many horseman?   11:38:51 am
    Now the Internet economy is being blamed for California's, and the nation's electric power troubles. It's bunkum.

Week of 2001-01-07

Wednesday, 2001-01-10
  • updated Memory slag   5:21:18 pm
    Be afraid when sending MS Word attachments by email. Be very afraid.

Tuesday, 2001-01-09
  • Much ado about peering   7:04:31 pm
    You may hear more about UUNet finally publishing its peering specs; but don't make too much of it.

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