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A selection of comments from other writers, readers, reviewers, and republishers

Note: emphasis added. All of these comments are unsolicited. -- KD

Other Writers:

  • new 1999-10-26 -- Jason Kottke:
    Oh great day in the morning. Keith Dawson of TBTF has started weblogging. Sweet! [ Kottke runs one of the Net's premiere Web logs. ]

  • 1999-03-20 -- Jon Katz:
    [TBTF is] in every journalistic sense, one of the best outlets in old or new media... a prescient guide to what tomorrow's media are likely to look like. [ Katz writes for Freedom Forum and Slashdot. Read his encomium here. ]

  • 1998-05-25 -- Scott Rosenberg:
    I enjoy TBTF a lot -- thanks for the great newsletter. [ Rosenberg is senior editor at Salon Magazine. ]

  • 1998-03-04 -- David Weinberger <self at evident dot com>:
    I usually read your email version, but today I went to your Web page and was freshly amazed. The "threads" feature is awesome. TBTF continues to tell me things I don't see anywhere else. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up. [ Weinberger is the perpetrator of JOHO, the Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization. ]

  • 1998-10-29 -- Peter Merholz:
    Tasty Bits from the Technology Front is a newsletter providing insightful thought on a number of Internet and tech-related issues. Of particular interest is their coverage of quantum physics -- stuff has been going on in that field that could really mess with the way things work. [ Peterme is a pioneer blogger and the coiner of the term "blog." ]

  • 1998-02-20 -- Aurore Lester-Smith <auror at euronet dot be>:
    Coo this site's hot! Definitely a bookmark MUST! Mes hommages, thank you... thanks ... merci... [And on a more formal note:] Assuredly one of the most noteworthy sites we've come across in a while. [ Lester-Smith is managing editor at Financial Europe Email. ]

  • 1997-08-11 -- Mark R. Anderson <sns at tapsns dot com>:
    I am enjoying TBTF quite a bit -- which says a lot, given how many things I read and/or don't have time to read. Thank you. [Anderson publishes SNS, the Strategic News Service, a newsletter avidly devoured every week by a who's-who of computer and communications industry executives worldwide.]

  • 1997-07-27 -- David S. Bennahum <davidsol at panix dot com>:
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate TBTF. I am especially grateful for the way you've kept me updated on the internet domain name and crypto issues. This newsletter is definitely the best I receive when it comes to tracking the behind-the-scenes moves concerning control of the Internet. [Bennahum is the propagator of MEME and the moderator of Community Memory. He has written for Wired, Forbes, etc., etc.]

  • 1997-05-09 -- Alexis Massie <lexi at cybercom dot net>:
    I love this rag, I find it excessively interesting and useful. It's so much better than most I've seen out there. Just felt like sharing. [Massie is Editor in Chief of After Dinner.]

  • 1997-03-03 -- Don Steinberg <dons at home dot cynet dot net>:
    Thanks. Cool newsletter. It's like having your own personal Web-maniac delivered to your door. [Steinberg was author of c|net's Digital Funhouse.]


  • new 2001-02-26 -- Simone Fluter:
    Congratulations on the continuing high level of reporting. Of all the sources online, yours is the one I most readily trust.

  • new 2000-04-26 -- Joshua McGee:
    Your site is one of the few true pleasures on the Web, as well as one of the most valuable sources of information I have found. Thank you for all your hard work, prompt & friendly responses to mail, and unending supply of fascinating links.

  • new 2000-04-19 -- Leili Towfigh:
    Your work is so cool. You are like a real live internet warrior. Thanks for all the service and awareness-raising you provide through TBTF.

  • 1999-09-19 -- Robert Schroeder <ministeroslack at geocities dot com>:
    Thanks for continuing to be an interesting source of in-depth analysis -- always good reading.

  • 1999-09-19 -- Peter Kaiser <kaiser at acm dot org>:
    Thanks for TBTF. I use it.

  • 1999-09-02 -- Jason Kottke <jason at kottke dot org>:
    TBTF is required reading for anyone in the Web biz.

  • 1999-08-26 -- Michelle M. Manning <triple-m at ix dot netcom dot com>:
    Even when I don't have time to read other newsletters, I always read yours!

  • 1999-07-23 -- Joe Walker, aka Joe Fish <donime at iname dot com>:
    TBTF is required reading for anyone with a clue.

  • 1999-06-14 -- Dan Thompson <dan at fc dot net>:
    As always, thankyouthankyouthankyou for providing the best signal-noise filter on the Internet.

  • 1999-06-07 -- Chris Duncombe Rae <duncombe at sfri dot wcape dot gov dot za>:
    TBTF is the best all-round, general online technical newsfeed for me, without which I could not do. Thank you.

  • 1999-05-11 -- Lorrie Crawford <lorrie dot crawford at ingrammicro dot com>:
    I hope you've been getting the incense that I light at the Tasty Bits altar every morning. Thanks for the exceptional writing, the exceptional information, and the warm and friendly welcome that's always present in Tasty Bits.

  • 1999-04-23 -- Eddie R. Hartman <eddier at primenet dot com>:
    Just wanted to let you know that you are my hero. In a world of glut, TBTF provides true content that manages to be entertaining and edifying at the same time -- and the latest issue is a gem. When anyone needs a list of must-see sites to visit, you can be sure that I put TBTF at the top.

  • 1999-02-21 -- Simon Clement <sclement at nmol dot com>:
    I always look forward to receiving it and generally read your concise and insightful coverage completely as soon as it hits my mailbox. I count on TBTF to keep me up to date on security issues and the latest scuttlebutt.

  • 1999-02-21 -- Angus Scott-Fleming <angussf at geoapps dot com>:
    Thanks for a great newsletter. One of the "keepers" in my inbox!

  • 1999-01-15 -- Andrew J. Cohen <Andrew dot ZZ_Cohen at wdr dot com>:
    I must take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service. The hardest thing to do on the Internet is seperate the noise from the signal. TBTF is virtually all signal. I have been made aware of activities, events, thinking, resources which I might never have found otherwise and now use daily, or at least weekly.

  • 1999-01-14 -- Marcia Blake <blakecomm at earthlink dot net>:
    Spotted a typo and was struck by it only because I often think you may have the longest sustained record of prose excellence I've ever seen -- on the Web or on crushed trees. I continue to appreciate your intelligence, clarity, and depth and breadth of scope. If you make another typo next year, I'll be sure to point that one out, too.

  • 1999-01-10 -- Julian Harris <jharris at clear dot co dot nz>:
    Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that TBTF is just awesome, it's a top priority read. Also, having attempted to do something similar myself I can appreciate how much effort it takes to do it! So, many thanks!

  • 1999-01-02 -- Scott Ferguson <jscottferguson at csi dot com>:
    Your summaries are always cogent and a welcome break to my day. Thanks for the great work you do vacuuming the Web for interesting harbingers of the Net society.

  • 1998-12-29 -- Godfrey Nolan <godfrey at riis dot com>:
    Just like to say thanks, there are so few ezines worth reading and yours is one of the very best. I know what it's like having tried and failed to set up my own ezine this year.

  • 1998-12-12 -- Marcia Blake <blakecomm at earthlink dot net>:
    When clients, associates, and friends want sources for technology news, TBTF is #1 on the list I provide. The e-newsletter's format is clean and highly functional; the style is crisp and clear; and best of all, the content is keenly intelligent, substantive, and uncommonly wide-ranging -- a full meal every time. The TBTF Web site backs up the news with don't-miss features in a format that's zesty, fast-loading, and as highly functional as the e-newsletter's. A long-time reader of Keith Dawson's fine work, I know that if I could only subscribe to one technology newsletter, it would be TBTF.

  • 1998-12-08 -- Ted Anderson:
    As always, I appreciate your cogent summaries of current technology happenings. TBTF is probably my favorite source of news on the net.

  • 1998-11-06 -- Alan Florence:
    Love your ezine -- cybergossip for the brain.

  • 1998-10-28 -- Ian Beaver (New Zealand):
    [The 1998-10-27 issue of] TBTF was the best I have ever read. Great interesting articles... One gets a bit tired of Microsoft lawsuit this-and-that (but that's important too). Well done.

  • 1998-05-14 -- Peter Bishop (England):
    Thanks again for a great mailing list too. Just right. I tried all your references to the other lists you use for some of your source material, but you really do choose the good bits.

  • 1998-04-25 -- Steven Parrish <sparrish at Aholdusa dot com>
    [Referring to mice in a laboratory experiment, I think, Mr. Parrish writes:] You've kept me pressing the TBTF pedal for over a year now. Don't stop!

  • 1998-03-30 -- Dick Vacca <rvacca at itis dot com>:
    The reason why I like TBTF is because you identify sources and citations -- an anti-Drudge. Also, it's in English and not in geek. You put together a damn fine news weekly. I wish the document technology end of the world had something as good.

  • 1998-03-26 -- Cliff High <chigh at vallier dot com>:
    Loved the latest issue as always, consistently the best of my hundreds of email delivered newsletters.

  • 1998-03-24 -- David Jackson <david at israelseed dot com>:
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. It's informative, well written, and well sourced. I'm not a real techie, so the fact that you describe developments in technologies in an intelligable way is tremendously helpful.

  • 1998-03-09 -- Richard S.:
    I'd go so far as to say that I get more enjoyment out of TBTF than I do reading Wired. Thanks for the fine, informative reading.

  • 1998-02-27 -- mark thompson <thompson at squirrel dot tgsoft dot com>:
    Consider this fan mail. TBTF is far and away the list mail that I most look forward to receiving. TBTF for 1998-02-16 scored especially high in content. Please, keep up the great work.

  • 1998-02-26 -- Richard Probst <rprobst at calicotech dot com>:
    Yours is the only newsletter I never skip.

  • 1998-02-25 -- N V Fitton <nv.fitton at pobox dot com>:
    Just want to tell you how much I enjoy TBTF -- always interesting, often useful -- and I appreciate your stylish writing and careful editing, too.

  • 1998-02-19 -- Mark Caon <Caon.Mark.ML at bhp dot com dot au>:
    The articles have been amusing and up to date, usually a week to a month ahead of the Australian computing press. It's always good to read articles that prick the hype balloon that technology writing feeds off of these days.

  • 1998-02-08 -- Peter Cassidy <pcassidy at triarche dot com>:
    Thanks, this is a neat resource. I can cut myself off of about 12 mailing lists now! Thank goodness. [ Cassidy is Director of Research for the TriArche Research Group.]

  • 1998-02-06 -- Brendan Kehoe <brendan at zen dot org>:
    Just wanted to toss a compliment your way -- your TBTF list is consistently well thought-out, creatively put together, and always a delightful read.

  • 1998-01-15 -- Jon Cox::
    I just wanted to thank you again for TBTF. Just read the 1998-01-12 issue and continue to be amazed at how you stay on top of so many things and manage to write insightful & useful articles about them week after week.

    • new 2000-08-30 -- StarPower, an affiliate of RCN:
      This is another site popular with industry insiders. ...[Dawson] provides an invaluable service by culling the most important news ... [and] writing about it in plain English. And it's all free and uncluttered by advertising.

    • new 2000-05-06 -- Yahoo Surfers' Picks, Havi:
      Tasty Bits from the Technology Front -- from lizard lips to layers of ash, Siliconia to Jargon Scout, Keith Dawson's Internet and high tech coverage is totally tasty.

    • new 2000-02-21 -- Forbes Magazine, in naming TBTF to the 2000 Best of the Web:
      This site culls ten [sic] weekly stories from reader e-mails, Internet news, and a stable of contributors. Coverage spans topics from quantum computing to Microsoft's lesser-known court cases. The Web links are purposeful and there are no ads to distract. This site will make you sound smart to your boss.

    • 1999-06-25 -- Software Quality and Testing Magazine, in a list of recommended Web resources:
      Summaries of developments that affect computers, communications, and e-commerce. Many good links. Slight rabble-rousing flavor [sic -- ed.]. If you read one mailing list, read this one!

    • 1999-06-25 -- Rob Malda (Cmdr.Taco), in a Slashdot article:
      The best nerd news besides Slashdot out there :)
    • 1999-05-11 -- KMWorld, in a five-star review:
      TBTF is a thoughtful, hard-hitting newsletter that offers relevant news and analysis and exposes uprising trends. It will be one of the best E-mails you get, every week. Sign up now.

    • 1999-05-03 -- PC World's 4th Annual Best Free Stuff Online:
      If you're looking to keep current on technology news, check out the aptly titled Tasty Bits from the Technology Front. This weekly newsletter... gathers notable news from around the computer industry, with an eye toward e-commerce and Internet issues. TBTF does a great job of getting to the meat of the vast amount of technology news generated each week, and the tone is just right.

    • 1999-03-31 -- Tipworld's E-Mail Mailing List Review for 1999-03-30:
      The newsletter does a great job of getting to the meat of the vast amount of technology news generated each week, and the tone is just right.

    • 1998-12-19 -- Mark Whitaker, on his Wonderful World of Mark 98 page:
      Keith Dawson's network of informants ensure that he can report all those Tasty Bits from the Technology Front a week before the tech press does.

    • 1998-09-30 -- The Bangkok Post, in a review naming TBTF Internet Site of the Week:
      [TBTF] keeps its eye firmly on the horizon and reports on significant developments relating to technology, be it around networking, communications, Internet, hardware, or software... One excellent virtue of this site is that it lists all the sources of news items its compliers [sic] scan...

    • 1998-08-21 -- Robin Miller, in a review for TechSightings: Tech Sightings
      I rate Tasty Bits high on my list of tech-interest news sites... It meets my "uniqueness" test well, in that it has a specific voice and slant that no other site has, and meets my "content quality" test equally well; Keith Dawson not only has a fine industry background, but is also a gifted and insightful writer.

    • 1998-07-25 -- Geek Nation, "The voice of technology," on their News page:
      There's stuff here that doesn't get reported anywhere else. Always a good read.

    • 1998-06-03 -- Eric A. Hall, writing in his newsletter net.Opinion:
      TBTF is actually a news service, but it also includes really good analysis and opinions, making it more of an op-ed than a news sheet. Great stuff.

    • 1998-05-29 -- John Murrell, Mercury Center Senior Online Editor, in a Silicon Valley Life profile:
      Keith Dawson has been producing Tasty Bits from the Technology Front since 1995, so maybe it's already on your bookmark list, but it took faithful contributor Louise Lien to tip me to it, for which I'm grateful. Keith does a good job at a tricky task -- distilling the important Net-related developments of the week into something both informative and entertaining.

    • 1998-04-21 -- Nathan Cochrane, in a capsule review for The Age newspaper:
      Since July 1995, Keith Dawson's TBTF has been pushing e-mail updates on Internet-related issues to the wired generation. TBTF has developed a loyal following of techies, futurists, writers and cyber observers, which has seen its list swell and spawn a Web site. [And in private correspondence:] TBTF is one of the best resources I have found on the Net in eight years. Keep up the great work.

    • 1998-02-16 -- [In naming TBTF a whatis.com Latest discovery site, Lowell Thing writes:]
      [TBTF]... distills the latest information technology news in a refreshing way.... informative, fun to read, and full of referential links.

    • 1997-06-21 -- [In an opinion column by Eric Stephan in the San Francisco Bay Guardian]:
      TBTF mailing list: "Tasty Bits from the Technology Front" is a brilliant handful of tech stories delivered to your E-mail address... The stories are burning hot, critical, and most importantly, thoroughly annotated into a list of URLs at the bottom of each piece. An indispensable trove of absolutely current scandals.

    • 1997-06-08 -- [In a review of "the best mailing lists available online," PC World's Tracy Swedlow says of TBTF:]
      This mailing list provides insightful commentary about technologies and events surrounding the emergence of electronic commerce.

    • 1997-05-07 -- Japan Times:
      Another good news roundup with a bit more detail is TBTF... Keith Dawson writes some fine analysis of news developments about computers and communications technology that will affect electronic commerce. The essays are short, with hot links to sources and related sites. This guy deserves a medal.

    • 1997-02-11 -- Affordable Web Space Design:
      Arguably the best online resource for up-to-the-minute news about the Web, Internet security, and a multitude of related matters.

    • 1996-10-23 -- NetSurfer Digest:
      News to Chew On -- Tasty Bits from the Technology Front, Keith Dawson's weekly online newsletter, updates significant changes in internet use, culture, and policy with emphasis on developments that affect Web commerce. Recent issues covered topics as far-ranging as the fallout after a hackers' journal published techniques used to intentionally overload TCP/IP servers, the impact of "vanity" e-mail address aliases which emulate prestigious academic domain names, and Japan's move toward a standard for e-cash. With many links to further useful details, this is a nice page to return to periodically to keep abreast of the state of Net affairs.

    • 1996-10-29 -- NetGuide Live:
      box score
      ...a news summary service for professionals working in the Internet security industry [sic], brings you the latest findings related to the Web, secure transactions and e-cash, commercial services, privacy and censorship, and more.

    • 1997-05-30 -- Excite: exc3
      Magellan: mag3
      AOL NetFind: aol3
      Keith Dawson's healthy collection of Web communications and articles are worthwhile food for thought. Internet related topics include viruses, application reviews/rumors, privacy, etc.

    • Internet Press:
      Terrible name, but TBTF is a solid weekly pub with an emphasis on commerce on the net.


    • Prasanto K. Roy, editor, PC Quest [India]:
      We've been following your TBTF mailing list with a good deal of interest. It's very useful indeed, and very peppy and readable. ...we'd like to carry excerpts in our magazine.

    • Adam Gaffin, online editor, Network World:
      I was looking for links related to... a story we're running... and ran across TBTF. It's great! Would it be possible for us to re-post it on our Web site?

More Readers:

  • 1998-01-13 -- Ernesto Gluecksmann <ernesto at access dot digex dot net>:
    Great list, subscribed to over a year ago and haven't found anything else that comes close to it. Your angle and perspective of the net and what's happening to it are shared apparently in the small sector of those that know how it works, its potential for good, and its looming potential for bad. Someone's got to protect this frontier and I'm glad you guys are out there doing what you do with honor and character.

  • 1997-11-15 -- Tony Stiles <stiton at skandia dot co dot uk>:
    I've been reading TBTF for a while now, alongside a number of other email news bulletins. TBTF is easily the best -- you have a perfect balance of including just the right amount of description about interesting up to date subjects, with all the links presented in a very accessible manner. Thanks. Please don't change anything, and don't go away!

  • 1997-11-14 -- T. Belton <tbelton at shore dot net>:
    I just wanted to tell you that TBTF is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. And I've seen a lot. Do keep up the good work.

  • 1997-11-13 -- Allan P. Hurst <allanh at spectrum dot us dot com>:
    My continuing thanks for TBTF. I manage to find something incredibly useful in every issue. Everyone in my company thinks I'm a genius for coming up with so much inside information, so often, so consistently.

  • 1997-09-12 -- Bill Weylock <research at weylock dot com>:
    New to your site and newsletter. Extremely impressed. Wonderful command of the language, which is rare enough offline.

  • 1997-09-12 -- Dennis Powers <Dennis.Powers at gsbsc dot gensig dot com>:
    I have enjoyed your "retro-push" edition of the TBTF for some time now and wanted to thank you for a very fine newsletter. That's it. no criticism, no editorial comments, just a warm thank you for your efforts.

  • 1997-09-09 -- Greg Flakus <gregwts at pacifier dot com>:
    Keep up the good work. You put things in your newsletter that are found nowhere else. Really look forward to it each week.

  • 1997-09-09 -- David Neeley <dneeley at bga dot com>:
    I subscribed to your list upon receiving notice that you were covering our Ultimate Privacy Million Dollar Challenge. Since then, I have come to appreciate your coverage of the industry. As busy as I am, I find your coverage timely, interesting, and useful.

  • 1997-07-29 -- Maurice Rabb <m3rabb at stono dot com>:
    I have subscribed to TBTF for a few years. Whenever it comes I stop whatever I am doing to read it. You are performing a great service to all of us who are concerned about privacy... I just want to finally thank you for your good work.

  • 1997-07-28 -- Rudy Vogelsang <rudy at aussie dot com dot au>:
    Thanks for the best news on the net !!!
    Still More Readers:

  • 1997-06-23 -- Bill Scanlon <wscanlon at execpc dot com>:
    I learn a lot more about the Web from TBTF than I learn from the several newpapers I read everyday and the several technical journals I read every week. I find TBTF to be concise and well written, informative, occasionally useful to me personally, always useful to me for learning about things I either should already or soon will need to know, and generally hilarious.

  • 1997-02-03 -- Lawrence M. Klein <lmk at afterlife dot ncsc dot mil>:
    Salute to your 100th. It's swell, both informative and fun. Looking forward to the next 100 issues of TBTF.

  • 1996-11-16 -- Daniel Dreilinger <dreiling at CS dot ColoState dot edu>:
    Thanks for the tasteful writeup [on SavvySearch] in Tasty Bits. I was delighted to find TBTF such a quality source of pertinent information... There's so much crap out there!

  • 1996-09-10 -- Adrian Smith <fon at iinet dot net.au>:
    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your tbtf newsletter. I am always impressed with how professional and "high-bandwidth" TBTF is! -- Adrian, devoted fan.

  • Stephen D. Franklin <franklin at uci dot edu>:
    With all the bytes flooding across the net, TBTF is about the best concentrator of important information in a timely fashion. I look forward to every issue. Thanks for a great service.

  • Peter Capek <capek at watson dot ibm dot com>:
    I want to thank you for the effort you put into TBTF. I really do appreciate it. Your selection of items to highlight, as well as the descriptions and observations are just the right blend of being well written and helpful. Keep it up!

  • Joel S. Noble <joel at engineer dot mrg dot uswest dot com>:
    Welcome back! Glad to see TBTF again! It's the single best item of mail I get -- and I get far too much mail!

  • Harold A. Driscoll <harold at driscoll dot chi dot il dot us>:
    I find your newsletter quite informative. I like the writing style, the sometimes quite off-the-beaten path nature of the topics presented, and the fact that it compliments nicely the other ones I read (such as Educom and Seidman's Online Insider). Keep up the good work. We do appreciate it.

  • Colin Goodall <colin.goodall at sspdl dot co dot uk>:
    Just a note to say thank you for the continuing info in your excellent weekly review. Over here in the UK it is not always easy to obtain all the technical news so your reports are very welcome and informative. Please keep up the good work; you really are appreciated.

  • Venanzio Jelenic <Venanzio at i-site dot on dot ca>:
    Just a note of thanks from an erstwhile reader. Your TBTF is great stuff, and I always look forward to its arrival. Keep up the good work.

  • Nicole I. Criona <ncriona at earthlink dot net>:
    I just love your e-newsletter!


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