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Thursday, 2002-05-23

Previous weeks' logs table of contents; and full text: Jul. (2001) 29, 22, 15, 01; Jun. (all); Apr. 22, 15; Mar. 25, 18, 11, 04; Feb. 25, 18, 11, 04; Jan. (2001) 28, 21, 14, 07; Dec. (2000) 17, 10; Nov. 26, 12, 05; Oct. 29, 22, 15, 08, 01; Sep. 24, 17, 10, 03; Aug. 13, 06; Jul. 30, 23, 16, 09, 02; Jun. 25, 18, 04, 11; May 28, 21, 14, 07; Apr. 23, 30, 16, 02, 09; Mar. 26, 19, 12, 05; Feb. 27, 20, 13, 06; Jan. (2000) 30, 23, 16, 9, 2; Dec. (1999) 26, 19, 12, 05; Nov. 28, 21, 14, 07; Oct. 31, 24.

The TBTF search covers the TBTF newsletter, the TBTF Log, roving_reporter, UnBlinking... the lot.

F e a t u r e d   C o l u m n i s t s


Gary Stock is UnBlinking, perpetrator of some of the deepest Web research you've ever seen. Gary's occasional essays probe subjects that catch his interest and follow them to the very ends of the Net. So far this year, subjects have included an FBI spy and an unseemly desire to drill in untracked wilderness.

World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacked
  2001-09-12    Businesses and Government Offices in the World Trade Center

Getting Drilled in a Pristine Area
  2001-03-25    Beyond Here, There Be Dragons!
  2001-03-29    The Cartographer's Revenge...
New 2001-07-09    Ready to Drill; Where Do You Want It?
New 2001-07-26    Spreading Oil on Troubled Waters

Why the FBI heart the Internet
  2001-02-23    Looks like the FBI has their work cut out
  2001-02-26    Hanssen quite a webster
  2001-03-06    Maintaining plausible denial



roving_reporter is Ted Byfield's window on the Net scene. At the moment it takes the form of a weblog on mostly ICANN-related topics. Please address comments on this feature to tbyfield@panix.com.

  2001-03-01    ICANN Journal 6
  2001-01-16    So much to reconsider...
  2000-12-03    MDR2K, d00d!
  2000-11-10    Whoiswho?
  2000-10-15    Kicking ICANN Around
  2000-09-10    ICANN Journal 1
  1999-11-24    Viral Regulation
  1999-11-16    UDRP? JDRP

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This is TBTF's home and archive. Tasty Bits from the Technology Front alerts you weekly by email to bellwethers in computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce on the Internet.

TBTF is offered free of charge to the Internet community as a service of the Technology Front, a consultancy solving problems at the nexus of Internet technology, business, and marketing. If you get value from TBTF you're invited to consider becoming a TBTF Benefactor.

See Threads for an overview of the terrain the newsletter covers; or read what people are saying about it. Here's TBTF's original charter.

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o Contents of the most recent issue -- TBTF for 2000-07-20: Many fathers


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A perfect privacy storm. o Spam fighters duke it out o Poking at Echelon. o What if smart people wrote computer viruses? o Domain naming as speech -- exploiting Elian. o Adbots and spyware. o That dang paperclip. o Amazon.com poisons the well. o Cyber Patrol CPhackers get sued and settle on Internet time. o Process Tree Network: monetarized distributed computing. o Privacy boils over: DoubleClick flip-flops. o TBTF book review: Database Nation. o Playing keep-away with scrambled files. o Snow screeching on water. o Did eToys pay in market cap for bullying etoy? o Backflip and the limitations of privacy policies. o OpenSRS to blow open domain-name competition. o The straight dope on the DVD encryption crack. o Introducing t byfield's roving_reporter. o TBTF book review: High Stakes, No Prisoners by Charles Ferguson. o Transmeta aims squarely at Intel. o Enhancing online discussion with Take It Offline. o Think Open Source guarantees you can know what a program does? Think again. o Sorting out the Microsoft NSAkey flap. o Careful, the smart dust might be watching. o A wake-up call to PR flaks everywhere. o How can I crack thee? Let me count the ways. o updated Jargon Scout: blogging a vortal. o updated Aibo rampant on a field azure. o DoJ wants more black-bag jobs. o Court to AOL: you've got bupkus. o updated Debunking a new urban legend: chemtrails o The AOL / Microsoft food fight -- a pox on both their houses. o updated First shot fired in a price war for domain names. o Judging now much to worry about near-earth objects. o

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