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News articles on the AOL-Netscape-Sun deal

from TBTF for 1998-12-07

The purchase of Netscape by has generated news coverage in huge volume. Here are articles appearing over the 4 days after the deal was confirmed; the source of the links was Newshub.

The deal itself

  1. AOL Rocks the Web With a Deal To Buy Netscape for $4.2 Billion
  2. Netscape, AOL clinch deal; Sun on board, too
  3. AOL, Netscape Agree To $4.2 Billion Deal
  4. AOL Acquires Netscape For $4.2 Billion
  5. AOL Buys Netscape For $4.2 Billion, Pens Deal With Sun
  6. AOL buys Netscape, joins Sun in Java deal
  7. Deal Is Done: AOL Buys Netscape
  8. AOL Agrees to Buy Netscape for $4.2 Billion
  9. AOL buys Netscape for $4.2 billion

During negotiations

  1. AOL-Netscape Near Deal; Sun Has Role
  2. Analyst: Netscape missteps spawned possible AOL deal
  3. AOL and Netscape Confirm Purchase Talks
  4. Sun Sticking Point In AOL/Netscape Deal
  5. Will Sun Rise to the AOL-Netscape Deal?
  6. Server Unit Is Snag In AOL-Netscape Deal
  7. Antitrust Suit Emboldened AOL, Netscape

Effects on the Microsoft antitrust case

  1. Experts: Microsoft Case Unchanged By Possible AOL Buy
  2. Microsoft: AOL-Netscape deal would undercut government case
  3. Microsoft Claims AOL, Netscape Deal Undercuts Case
  4. AOL, Netscape Talks Dominate Microsoft Trial
  5. Testimony Turns To AOL/Netscape Talks
  6. Justice, Microsoft Spar on AOL/Netscape Talks
  7. Sides in Microsoft trial spar on Netscape, AOL talks
  8. Both Sides Use AOL-Netscape Talks to Bolster Case

Analysis, predictions of fallout

  1. AOL, the New Heavyweight
  2. AOL Gobbles Up Netscape. Will the Pending Deal Bite Consumers, Too?
  3. AOL Sees Netscape Purchase as Step Toward Ambitious Goals
  4. Net Combination Would Create Ad Powerhouse
  5. Wall Street Greets AOL-Netscape With a Virtual Yawn
  6. AOL/Netscape Threatens Microsoft In Europe
  7. Sun Micro's Java Would Be A Winner In AOL/Netscape Deal
  8. AOL's Proposed Netscape Buy May Spark Consolidation
  9. AOL-Netscape Deal Spells Trouble For Smaller Portals
  10. How the Netscape, AOL Deal Could Revolutionize Internet
  11. Now AOL Steps Up to Challenge the Giant
  12. AOL-Netscape Deal Spells Trouble for Smaller Portals
  13. No Antitrust Hurdles Seen In Netscape-AOL Deal
  14. No antitrust hurdles seen in a Netscape-AOL Deal
  15. AOL-Netscape Deal Spells Trouble for Smaller Portals
  16. Analysts say Netscape/AOL deal could benefit Microsoft
  17. Comment: AOL's Key to Success Is That It's Way Too Simple for Geeks
  18. The Internet by AOL's Rules

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