From: dawson dot tbtf at gmail dot com (Keith Dawson)
Subject: TBTF: Farewell
Date: 2003-01-14

You may have noticed that the TBTF site [1] has been unstable or
unreachable, from some parts of the Net, for a few days now. The
reason is that I'm moving the site off of its long-time host
Imagiware and onto my own server. The namespace should mostly have
settled down by now.

What motivates this move -- besides saving some money -- is my
decision to mothball TBTF and the TBTF Log.

TBTF was born of, and grew on, pure inspiration, not on any conscious
intention of mine. In point of fact the inspiration died off very
soon after the crash of dot-com stocks in March of 2000. Although
most analysts date the beginning of the tech meltdown from the fall
of that year at the earliest, I knew in my gut that it was over by
April. I managed to squeeze out one more full issue in July 2000. The
TBTF Log carried on for almost exactly one more year, on momentum and
will, simply because its energy barrier was lower than that of the
full-blown newsletter.

My life has changed in many ways since the last issue of TBTF hit
subscribers' inboxes. While I still consider TBTF to be the finest
thing I have ever done, it is past time for me to wrap it up and
move on.

It is my intention to maintain as a historical archive
indefinitely. It's likely that some of the associated sites and
features -- Jargon Scout [1], No We Don't Have a Web Site [2], and
Siliconia [3] -- will also go to archival status, but I haven't
made that a firm decision yet.

I have created a new mailing list called "tbtf-next" which I invite
you to join. It will be an extremely low-traffic, announce-only
list on which I will send notes telling interested people where
they can find my writing (and perhaps other works) in the future.
It's hosted by Mailman, so list members have full control over the
details of their subscriptions. Send a message with subject or body
of "subscribe" (without the quotes) to .
Mailman will respond with a message to which you must reply in turn,
in order to confirm your subscription.

This will be the last message you receive on the TBTF mailing list.

Keith Dawson   dawson dot tbtf at gmail dot com
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