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The TBTF Benefactors


Since TBTF began open publication I've mused on how to produce income from the service without contravening the principles that inform it. Quoting from the FAQ:

It's not really about money. TBTF creates more value in the world by circulating for free. Also, many of the obvious ways one can make money from a newsletter and Web site -- advertising, micropayments -- are unappealing to me and I won't impose them on you. Subscriptions are less objectionable but the surveys I've done indicate that any mandatory charge would slash the readership to a small fraction of what it is now. Sponsorship is a possibility, but I place a high value on my independence, and email from readers indicates that they do, too.

Meanwhile, the newsletter has grown to the point where Net access, telephony, Web space, bandwidth charges, and domain-name fees comprise a fair fraction of my monthly outgo.

The solution

TBTF is and will remain free. And I've set up this TBTF Benefactors program for those of you who get value from the publication and are in a position to contribute to its upkeep. TBTF Benefactors' names are listed here, if they so choose. If you want to become a TBTF Benefactor:

Visit this secure Kagi account. Contributions are accepted by credit card in any amount from $5 US. kagi
      -- or --
Contribute via e-gold to account # 105298. You can use the following link to set up an e-gold account. If you spend e-gold for TBTF, please let me know. e-gold
      -- or --
Beam funds via PayPal to dawson@world.std.com. Contributions via PayPal are accepted in any amount.

If you are new to PayPal, please use this referral link when signing up (PayPal will add $5 to your contribution):



The TBTF Benefactors
(alphabetical order)

Become a TBTF Benefactor These people have put their money where their mouse is, and I am grateful to them.

24% of donors choose to remain anonymous; their contributions represent 24% of the total. The single largest donor accounts for 2.9% of the total.

Linking to these Web sites does not imply endorsement.

Turadg Aleahmad
William Austin
Stonewall Ballard
Robert Berry
Ed Blachman
Marcia Blake
Frank Blau
Jeffrey Boes
Jim Bracke
Rick Bradley
Raven K Brewster
Nik Brisbin
Peter Broadwell
Rick Bunker
David Chess
Tom Childers
William D. Clendening
Neill Colledge
Ben Combee
Michael Coon
Jon Cox
Rodger Crawford
DNS Resources Directory
Martin Dodge
Jean Ann Donnel
Glenn Fleishman
Andrew G. J. Fung
Daniel E. Geer
Ian Grigg
Alex Guerrero
Mike Hanafin
Manker R. Harris

Kerr Hatrick
Bruce Hobbs
Bernard Hughes
Allan P. Hurst
Information & Design
Erik Jacobsen
Douglas W. Johnson
W. Philip Kegelmeyer
Dirk Koopman
Jerome Lachaux
Walter Lamia
Alan Langerman
Bob Leigh
Jeffrey A. Leyser
the Crew at LibertyPort.Com
Antonio Mario Lorusso
Chris Maresca
Terry A. Marshall
J. P. May
Bryan McCormick
Joshua McGee
David Mery
Laurence Michaels
Rebecca Mirsky
Douglas E. Mitchell
Michael Gary Moncur
Stephen Munyan
Paul C. Nelson
Kevin O'Malley
Steve Osterling
David Ordal
Andrew Pam

Evan Richardson
Alice Phalen
Pointless Dot Net
James M. Ray
Reid Jackson
John Robinson
Greg Rose
Alex Rousskov
Dinah Sanders, MetaGrrrl
Michael Saunders
Joe Sotham
Adrian Smith
Samuel Smith
Patrice Steiner
Norman J. Stoehr
Richard Swetenham
Robert Tenback
Peter Thompson
Andrew Treloar
Triple-M Consulting LLC
L. Stuart Vance
David Viray
Alan Wexelblat
Jack E. Wilkinson
all at Winterfold Datacomm
Chris Worth
Stephen A. Yost
  o o o  
and thirty-one anonymeese


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